fucking maintenance people showing up at my apartment scaring the shit out of me

derek parfit makes me cry everytime

analytic philosophers trying to be sentimental pretty funny

hey I’m james franco I went to yale and cast luke perry as glanton I’m pushing 40 I just got into cormac mccarthy

james franco shot 25 minutes of blood meridian and it’s fucking terrible

there aren’t people that really take him seriously right? they just hang around and agree with him to get proxy fame or something right

I wanna watch a movie like sunshine or event horizon

every time I hear somebody say “harelip” I fantasize about taking my knife out and asking if they want one too



 said: is this nicky lando or some futurist

Lil Landy. Idk I feel a lot his stuff I like was before he went full fascist… Maybe there was a period of time where he was not a fascist…

WTF happened with Nick Land like he was this weird Lyotard influenced, pseudo-lovecraftian paranoid thing of beauty and then he just slid into total crap

Ray Brassier gives a philosophical reading of this trajectory here: http://moskvax.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/accelerationism-ray-brassier/

or you could read it as Land doing a bunch of drugs and having a psychological break or something. which isn’t hard to believe if you’ve seen the last pages of fanged noumena

"The neoliberal subject is one that must not only constantly compete, mobilize his or her resources to maximize advantage, but this competition is aimed not at some goal, some finish line or result, but according to an infinite demand for performance. This generalized performativity, the sense that one could always maximize more, coupled with the ideal of work as realization and self invention, creates the depression which is its flip side. Failure is omnipresent and when it occurs it can only be blamed on the individual. It is thus no accident that neoliberal theory is framed in the meeting point of economics and psychology, making utility maximizing the common object of both, because neoliberal society is one in which the psyche is completely exposed to the laws of the market without mediation or shelter."